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Transit of venus event. Explaining some of the technicalities of the transit to a member of the public. Image Credit: Jeffrey Noro.





Setting up the telescope for solar observing of Sun spots. Image Credit: Shaila Akhter.















































Outreach Activities at UNSW:

I am actively involved in many astronomy and physics outreach activities at the University of New South Wales through the UNSW physics and astronomy outreach program lead by Shane Hengst. These activities include giving public talks on topics such as exoplanets, solar astronomy, and the transit of Venus and helping to run telescope viewings of the night sky and the Sun. I have also done outreach activities with primary and high school kids. I am quite keen on continuing my outreach activities and engaging with the public.




University of New South Wales Physics and Astronomy Outreach. Image logo: UNSW Outreach.
StarLab planetarium. Image credit: Shaila Akhter.